Natural chemistry: the logic of Durga natural products

Over 20 years ago, when we started making "natural" products, we already knew that the word "ecological" would become a common word of use (and abuse ...).

A word which would end up filling brochures and labels of the most disparate products; a word impoverished in its meaning. But what we mean with "Natural chemistry"?

What "ecological" and "natural" actually mean, in chemical production? This is the reason why we use the term "natural" to describe the primary characteristic of our products: because they are ecological: actually ecological ...

From natural paints ...

Natural means for us without derivatives from petroleum synthesis: our products are made with raw materials of vegetable and mineral origin, eliminating at the root the use of a series of substances that can be dangerous for the health of the community, of the individual and also for the animals that live with us.

Ours is a challenge not limited to colours and paints, even if this is the specific area we started with, a significant one for the effects of environmental pollution that conventional paint products entail. After adding professional and everyday detergents to our production, we finally arrived at the production of natural sanitisers and disinfectants. Our ambition is to demonstrate that it is possible to use what nature offers us to obtain the products we need: this without causing pollution and health problems.

… To natural sanitisers

An example? The latest products out of our laboratories, such as natural sanitisers and disinfectants. Conventional natural disinfectants and sanitisers often include biocidal principles, dangerous, mainly if we use them a lot and maybe abuse them, as is happening in the particular historical situation we are living. Even alcohol, which is a natural product used too frequently on the skin, causes dryness and eczema. Alcohol usefulness is dubious itself.

Alcohol proves useful in 65-70% cases for fighting viruses nested on the skin, but laboratory tests indicate that alcohol must wet the support for at least 1 minute. We know that on the skin at 36.5°C (average temperature) it evaporates so quickly that after 15 seconds it is reduced, under normal conditions, by at least 85%. Instead, we have developed sanitising products based mainly on essential oils, much more efficient at low concentrations and have a broad and prolonged protective effect.

Our surface disinfectant, Bactoccid, approved by the Italian Ministry of Health, is made mainly with peppermint and lavender essential oil. Our job is to demonstrate that a Natural Chemistry is possible, even if neglected by the classic Western industrial framework.

A Natural Chemistry that shows us how the world is a synthesis laboratory in which there are no dangerous by-products, in which pollution doesn't exist and from which we can, smartly, find the answers to our needs. Natural Chemistry is not a dream, but knowledge and application of nature's immutable laws.