Durga launches 'Bactoccid Natural Disinfectant'

Durga S.R.L. Launches 'Bactoccid' Natural Disinfectant. Bactoccid is already available in various formats on DurgaStore.

Durga S.R.L. - Italy - February 1, 2021

Bactoccid is the new Natural Disinfectant produced by Durga

'Bactoccid Natural Disinfectant' is a new eco-sustainable Durga product that protects the environment while offering maximum safety. Approved by the Italian Ministero della Salute - Ministry of Health, 'Bactoccid Natural Disinfectant' is suitable for all surfaces. With a base of essential oils, it is an innovative product created by our laboratory to obviate the use of biocidal principles which are potentially harmful to health and the environment. The essential oil of peppermint and the essential oil of lavender, in fact, have an antibacterial action now recognized by the major European organizations; in particular, the Swiss government lists them among the innovative natural biocides capable of substituting dangerous products.

All the advantages of 'Bactoccid Natural Disinfectant'

  • Bactoccid doesn't harm pets;
  • Bactoccid disinfects without polluting the environment;
  • Bactoccid disinfects, and freshens the area of use: thanks to the aroma of peppermint (from 100% natural extract), it disinfects, leaving a nice peppermint hint at the same time;
  • Bactoccid disinfects, cleans and removes foul odours from all surfaces.

Bactoccid Natural Disinfectant: uses

The product can be used on all large surfaces (floors, walls, and worktops) and small objects (cell phones, computer keyboards, books, up to even litter boxes), without causing harmful reactions, neither to humans nor to pets.

Bactoccid Natural Disinfectant: where & when

The product can easily be sprayed onto the surface to be disinfected, waiting for the antibacterial action to take its course. On floors: it is advisable to disinfect after the routine cleaning (for example with "Saponello" by Durga). On worktops: after cleaning them with a cloth, apply Bactoccid with the spray; if necessary, after a few minutes you can wipe off any excess with a dry cloth.