The world of natural paints: Durga

DurgaStore is the ecommerce portal dedicated to the sale of Natural Paints produced by Durga.

Natural Paints, and not only!

Durga's production is divided into:

Fondi < / a> and wood preparation, impregnating agents , natural paints , oils hard and finishes , waxes , enamels, special products .

In outdoor products we use zinc-based binders to obtain optimal protection from atmospheric agents and blue molds.

Our curatives for woodworms ( Matador ) and tannins (lacquer base and Tannin stop ) are now validated by years of checks carried out on construction sites that have tested its effectiveness.


Paints for interiors and exteriors, breathable and super breathable made with vegetable binders : a definitive and natural solution against mold .


The tintometric system includes 22 basic colors .

Two advantages in a single gesture: with Durga products it is easy to return oil-water-repellent terracotta, giving at the same time a valuable aspect to the surfaces, without the problems related to rising damp on the floors.

In fact, our products are highly breathable with vapor d ' water and soluble salts: therefore no detachments and bleaching.

The benefits

Studies conducted by government agencies and research institutes show that domestic pollution (indoor) far exceeds what we have outside the door: at least 85% of the air pollution on our planet is found in homes, schools, offices ...

The fight against pollution, therefore, it starts from the environment that surrounds us even in the strictest sense of the term.

And fighting pollution also means thinking about one's own health, loved ones, and animals that live in the family. Even a relatively simple gesture like painting, therefore, if faced with the right products, it becomes an opportunity to produce a positive change.

The new products ...

The new course DurgaStore started right at a very difficult moment: perhaps the worst moment that our generation has had to face.

As Durga we decided to provide concrete support to families and those who work, keeping our approach: that of natural products, and thus responding to your request, which was becoming increasingly evident.

Thus a new line of products was born, that of Natural sanitizers .

... And the new services

In the meantime, we have also begun to be active on social channels: also on social networks, therefore, we will tell our story and our vocation. And, above all, you can contact us and interact with us on social networks too.

Happy surfing, and thanks for being on DurgaStore!

And if you want to come and visit us, well: maybe you are lucky and find the right light, as in the photo ...