#DurgaMeter: the perfect solution for painting your home!

#DurgAlMetro: the perfect solution for painting your home: simple, ecological, economical!

What is it that often makes repainting a house so tedious, uneconomical and stressful?


Paint, colour, additives (such as one that can be essential: anti-mould) are the ingredients of a "recipe": if the ingredients are not the right ones; if the doses of the ingredients are not the right ones, the "recipe" does not achieve the result we wanted.

What, in general, goes wrong?

We buy too much, or too little, paint compared to the real needs, compared to the square footage we have to work on.

Whether the paint is too much or too little, we end up dealing with waste:

  • waste of time, fuel or shipping costs, if we have to add;
  • waste of paint, and money, if the paint is too much; plus, the collateral of poor ecological management.

We wondered how we could help our customers in this regard.

And we have the answer: a calibration on the specific needs in terms of square footage, which we called #DurgAlMetro or if you prefer, #DurgaMeter.

You will find and will continue to find on our offers page from now on our "Bundles": tailor-made kits, "all-inclusive", with a specific size in mind.

We can't come and repaint the house, but we'll take care of the rest! ;-)