Wooden Boat Maintenance Tips: with Durga, in an effective and natural way

The Natural Chemical of Durga is also at the service of boating: find out how.

Wooden Boat Maintenance Tips: and products

When you own a wooden boat, understanding the importance of maintenance, repairs and interaction with the environment in which you are going to operate is essential.

With Durga, you can perform Wooden Boat Maintenance operations effectively and following all the principles of eco-sustainability, respect for nature and scientific rigour with which we create all our products. Find out more by continuing to read!

How to Keep Your Stored Boat Dry

It may seem trivial, but storage is, if and when possible, a fundamental aspect of maintaining a wooden boat.

The boat must be spotless when preparing for its well-deserved rest period. When the new period of activity in the water approaches, it will be necessary to fine-tune each part, with particular attention, concerning the wooden surfaces, to the use of an impregnating agent such as Tung Olio.

While sailing: the importance of routine maintenance

When, on the other hand, the boat is active (and again: once it has been prepared in advance in the best possible way, by protecting the wood with the impregnating agent), the minor routine maintenance will mainly consist in verifying the constant protection of the wood exposed to both air and water.

From this point of view, again, cleanliness is a fundamental aspect. Dirt and debris are vehicles of humidity, the humidity that can "infect" the wooden surfaces if not maintained.

The key here is consistency: if you worked well initially, before putting the boat back in the water, a fast - but constant! - routine maintenance will be all that is needed.

Wooden Boat Maintenance with Durga

In the photos, courtesy of Colorificio Iris SNC, Tung Olio at work. The boat operates on Lake Como, and you find it polished and ready for the season!

An all-purpose primer for marine plywood

Marine plywood is also widely used in outdoor furniture solutions: it is also possible to use our maintenance products in this context for outdoor wooden structures such as gazebos, flooring, deck chairs and other garden furniture.