Durga essential oils on DurgaStore: not just perfume

Durga offers a line of essential oils selected on the basis of their properties to enrich and enhance the range of products that already characterize it (wall paints, wood treatment and detergents for people and environments), and with which it pursues and it concretely realizes a holistic vision of our ecosystem, which is widely heralded by many but not always able to withstand rigorous and scientifically aware examination of the components.

The " magnificent five ", the series of Durga Essential Oils, is available on DurgaStore in its entirety.

Five products, between four elements and science

Durga essential oils

It can be said that the substances used by Durga are made up of air, water, fire and earth (the four elements) or arising from their combined action, as in the case of plants or f belches that, giving up their qualities in the form of oil, fully participate in the bio-eco-sustainable strategy of Durga.

The tradition that was of alchemy, of the cabal, and even before the dawn of philosophy Western, marries the scientific data and brings to our customers a selection of versatile, multipurpose essential oils.

Our five "samples" - in the titanic sense of the term - are essential oils already known and widely used in aromatherapy and adopted by us primarily for the antibacterial and antifungal virtues, which make them excellent disinfectants and anti mould.

Our formulation also enhances their admirable ability to remove pests, such as termites that threaten the wooden structures, or the lice that lurk in the children's hair.

The five essences - Orange , Lavender Spigo , Tea Tree , Lemon , Pino - they are present across the board in Durga natural products, to which they give - as well as a natural and safe efficacy - the unmistakable aroma that distinguishes them.

We therefore thought of producing the five oils also in bottles, as a tribute and recognition of their singular uniqueness, representing an essential contribution that enriches Durga's know-how.


Essential oils can be use alone or in combination, as appropriate e personal preferences, and according to aromatherapy criteria: nebulization in the air or local application on the parts of the body concerned through a carrier oil (only in some cases is it recommended for pure use).