Lavender essential oil: all the benefits

In the spoken language, reference is often made to lavender without being aware of the great variety of species belonging to the genus Lavandula .

Lavender: all the advantages of essential oil

Since ancient times, Lavender was renowned for its calming and hypno-inducing properties, to keep insects away and much more.

Production and advantages

Among the best known species we have the Lavender Vera (Lavandula angustifolia) - also called 'English lavender' due to the wide use made by the eighteenth-century industry in Great Britain - with a low camphor content, and Lavandula latifolia .

There are also several hybrids, called (yes ...) Sinks , widely used: Lavandula x intermedia , obtained from Angustifolia and Latifolia, is produced on a larger scale due to the higher concentration of active ingredients.

This ib Laugh maintains the virtues of Angustifolia, enhanced in some cases by the increase in camphor brought by the hybrid species, which accentuates the tonic action of mood, the antidepressant action and the ability to repel insects.

When to use caution

However, caution is advised in the case of people with a tendency to epilepsy; the presence of camphor means that essential oil should not be applied on burns; moreover, traditionally its use is not recommended for pregnant women, even if the abortion action does not seem confirmed by research.

The composition

main components of the Lavandino (as well as of all the lavender species, albeit in varying proportions) are:
  • lavandulolo;
  • linalolo ;
  • linalyl acetate ;
  • camphor ;
  • cineol ;
  • terpineol ;
  • caryophyllene.

These precious substances contribute to outline the high healing profile of Essential Oil, which has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, pain relieving, hypotensive, healing, rebalancing properties of the nervous system.

But let's see some of the possible uses that make OE of Lavender a precious aid in everyday life.

How to use Lavender Essential Oil

Skin care

L Lavender essential oil, thanks to its antibacterial action, is useful in the treatment of wounds, including surgical ones.

Prevents infections and helps protect against tetanus! Accelerate healing. It can therefore be effective in reducing scars, stretch marks and skin spots, thanks to its antioxidant and regenerating properties of epithelial cells.

Adding a few drops to your favorite cream enhances its effect, also exploiting the detoxifying action of the skin. 'OE. A few drops of Bach flower essences , such as Crab Apple for skin impurities, Hornbeam or Elm < / em> or Olive to tone and restructure (to be evaluated in relation to the age or state of the epidermis). In essence, the L&L OE ( Lavender and Sink ) purifies, regenerates, firms our skin, correcting many imperfections!

Against anxiety, insomnia and tonic of the nervous system

Lavender's OE is relaxing for the mind, promotes sleep and removes nightmares: this would explain the traditional use of lavender-stuffed pillows in times gone by. < br>
Research conducted on Lavender Vera confirms this use: some even compare its effects to those of benzodiazepines! Excluding contraindications, of course ...

It is recommended to reduce pre-operative anxiety and, in general, relieves the stress of patients hospitalized or subjected to therapies that are demanding on physiology. It also promotes the expression of blocked emotions, as can be deduced from the increase in the intensity of the vocal emission in men and women in the tested groups.

The quality of mood and self-esteem also improve as a result of this oil ; the sink is a lively contributor to this, with its tonic and antidepressant effect.
It is useful in cases of mental suffering due to bereavement and trauma of various kinds.

It can then be associated with Gentian or Star of Bethlehem for the misfortunes and losses (loved ones, jobs…) respectively, in Mustard to fight depression, in White Chestnut to dispel worry and divert thoughts from vicious circles, in a truly holistic synergy, in the direction of personal potential development.

Its regenerating powers extend to protection against degenerative syndromes of the nervous system such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Also in this case it is possible to associate some floral essences including Scleranthus , or others suggested by the trusted flower therapist (***), based on personal characteristics.

Promotes learning

Already in the sixteenth century, the flowering tops of lavender were thought to increase intelligence. This admirable OE faculty seems confirmed by research conducted on true Lavender which highlights a supportive action in the event of slight difficulties in concentration and learning, favoring - even! - mathematical skills. To support the children during the exam tests, it is recommended to associate the L&L OE with Chestnut Bud . The mixture obtained by adding O.E. and floral essence can be slightly wetted on the wrists or behind the ears.

Against muscle and joint pains

Thanks to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties, this O.E. brings relief to various forms of rheumatic pain, low back pain and sciatica. It is applied, diluted in carrier oil or in a gel, on the painful parts. In this way, the beneficial anti-stress effect (mentioned above) also extends to the mind of the person who, in such cases, is often in tension, prey to worries and anxieties. Also for this type of discomfort some Bach flowers can be combined, such as Vervain and / or Vine for the inflammatory aspect and against muscle stiffness.

Against cough and other respiratory affections

For the antimicrobial and antiseptic values, the OE d L&L is effective in the treatment of cooling diseases (colds, bronchitis, sinusitis) and as an expectorant, promoting the expulsion of mucus and phlegm. In addition, Jane Buckle (expert in clinical aromatherapy) claims that the sink, due to the high content of linalool, has proven effective against non-tuberculous mycobacteria, responsible for infectious diseases, even serious, in subjects with low immune defenses.

Against lice and other insects

In addition to flaming any trauma from insect bites, the L&L OE works as a repellent against these winged beings and against lice; figure among the components of Mata-lice, the treatment created by Durga to permanently eliminate the parasites of the hair.

Anti-age strategies

OE of L&L non it may be missing in your home spa, as it promotes purification and cell renewal throughout the body and acts as an antioxidant, adjuvant in rejuvenating treatments. It improves blood circulation and counteracts clot formation, especially the sink.

Premenstrual syndrome

O.E. Lavender is indicated to relieve disorders related to premenstrual and menstrual syndrome, It contributes to hormonal rebalancing, mitigating mood swings and the tendency to depression, often associated with the phases of the female cycle. Massaged on the abdomen (diluted in carrier oil) it is effective against the painful cramps that a part of women experience in those days.

*** The floral essences of Edward Bach were conceived by the illustrious Welsh doctor as a remedy for self-medication and prompt intervention, however to obtain more in-depth benefits, relying on an expert consultant is certainly advisable .