Prodotti naturali Durga: non solo vernici

Natural products - Durga is not only natural paints: our production lines allow us to provide you with a wide choice of natural products for sustainability and eco-friendliness for your everyday life.

Prodotti naturali Durga: non only paints

To inspire you, we have been thinking about a few "Combos": specific use - oriented collections of products.

Some suggestions, some "Combos"

Floor Cleaning Products by Durga

"Saponello" and "Brilla"

First Combo: for wooden and terracotta floors - cleaning: Saponello (detergent) and Brilla (self-polishing wax).

brilla e saponello - durga - durgastore

With this combination, you can treat your terracotta or stone floor with 100% natural vegetable products.

"Saponello" and "Cera Liquida"

The second "Combo": maintenance of terracotta and stone floors with Cera di Manutenzione (Maintenance Wax) for a satin effect.

saponello e cera manutenzione durga

"Detergente Universale D10" and "SOS Casa"

d 10 e igienizzante durga

Combo for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. "Citrus d10" degreases and eliminates traces of limestone from bathroom and kitchen; SOS Casa sanitizes.

"Detergente", "Igienizzante Tessuti", "Acidi degli Agrumi" - "Detergent", "Fabrics Sanitizer", "Citrus Acid"

Detergente, Igienizzante Tessuti, Acidi degli Agrumi durga

A trio that covers any need for hand washing, machine washing, cleaning, and sanitizing fabrics.

Personal care: "Detergente Corpo - Shampoo", "Sapone Mani Igienizzante", "Spray Mani" Body & Shampoo Soap - Hands sanitizer (soap) - Hands sanitizer (Spray)

Detergente Corpo shampoo, Sapone Mani Igienizzante, Spray Mani - durga - durgastore

A natural and responsible choice is also possible for personal hygiene! In this "Combo", quite literally, from head to toe!

Follow our blog for the next "Combos", product user guides, tips and tricks on how to get the best out of Durga products!