Durga Paint-metric system: all the colours you need

What is the Durga Paint-metric system?

Durga offers its Paint-metric system: a short and quick manual, which allows you to colour your walls in a... brightly natural way!!!

How does our tinting system work?

Durga works on a colour chart made up of 22 primary colours. There are four gradation shades for each of the 22 primary colours: from pastel to more intense hues. From 22 colours, therefore, we pass to 88 shades of colour. The shade of colour you choose is supplied in 0.25 or 1kg pigment packs. It is, of course, from the proportional use of colour pigment that coloured paint is obtained. Let's see how.

How do you prepare the paint?

Of course, the amount of pigment added to the neutral paint will determine its actual colour. This phase can cause some headaches; it is the time when we ask ourselves questions like:
  • What if I have to recreate the exact same colour and don't want to waste paint?
  • How do I recreate precisely the same shade when I go to repaint?
No fear! The Durga Tinting System is precisely what you need! The pigment affects the neutral paint proportionally. With the table below, you can reproduce the colour you have chosen with the tinting system precisely, using the right quantities, the right proportion. By combining the Durga Paint-metric system with the surface calculation of #DurgAlMetro #DurgaMeter, you will eliminate any risk of waste. Of course, if you do not find "your" favourite colour in the Color Chart, you can still indulge yourself by purchasing our Pompei colours, so as to arrive at a personalized shade and colour gradation by mixing the pigments.

One last tip...

It can't get any easier than that, right? One tip: To get an evenly coloured wall, we recommend using a whisk with a drill to better mix the pigment once it is poured into the tin.