Stop to mold naturally

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A complete treatment against mold

Stop the mold!

If mold development is visible in your home, you need to take remedial actions. Any type of mold – white, green, or black – produces spores or gases that are harmful to both people and pets. Common products to eliminate molds contain biocides, namely poisons that in many cases are made up of organic synthetic substances more or less volatile and chlorine: therefore over time they disappear from the substrate and therefore have the disadvantage of having to be renewed periodically. So: It is worthwhile choosing a natural Durga product, which effectiveness and safety is guaranteed by CERTIFICATION TESTS.

Testing and Certifications

The combined use of the Soluzione Canadese and Luminosa paint provides sure results in the fight against the molds of the walls. We believe that the recourse to a prestigious laboratory offers the best guarantees to our customers: the C.S.I. of Milan carries out resistance tests using the most internationally accredited standard, namely the A.S.T.M (American society for testing materials international) G 21- 96. Here are some steps in the certification procedure: The test was carried out using the following fungal strains: Aspergillus niger - Chaetomium globosum - Penicillium funiculosus - Paecilomyces variotii- Gliocadium virens- ATCC 9642- ATCC 16021- ATCC 9644 - ATCC 16023 - ATCC 10043. The mixed suspension of spores has proven to be fully capable of causing a copious growth under fixed conditions. Two sets of three screenings were tested for us. one for the recto and the other for the verse; in the same way, two sets of three screenings have been set up, one for each sides (not inoculated with the suspension of spores,) on which possibly evaluate the growth and/or attack by fungal strains. The incubation of the inoculated and non-inoculated specimens, as well as controls, was prolonged up to 28 days (standard incubation time) at the temperature of 28.5 to 0.5 degrees Celsius, under the prescribed conditions, with periodic checks about possible proliferation.

Growth Samples

Anti-mold Certification for Soluzione Canadese Score: 0 growth Samples made with a layer of Luminosa paint impregnated with Soluzione Canadese and diluted with demineralized water 1:1. These results ensure that: - bio sustainable production with plant raw materials is possible - Durga products offer science-proof performance levels. So, Durga products have a twofold advantage: They are completely natural and free from substances dangerous to humans, pets and the environment. They are more effective than 'normal' synthetic products because they last over time!

The complete natural treatment against mold

Mold that produce mycotoxins might inhabit our homes. Some molds grow without emitting toxins, but if disturbed by changes in temperature or humidity, they begin to emit them in the form of toxic spores or gases. That's why you need to eliminate all molds, even the seemingly inactive ones.


High-quality, superperspirant paint for interiors. Based on vegetable oils, 100% non-toxic and natural. For its breathability it is ideal on dehumidifying plasters. Also perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Colorable with the Pompei pastes. When used in synergy with Soluzione Canadese its anti-mold effect is boosted. Luminosa is a natural paint with low smell, perfumable with the Essential Aromatic oils Durga. It does not contain any preservatives or any substances harmful to the health of humans and pets. Yield: 10-12 sqm/lt. Dilution: Ready to use.

Discover "Soluzione Canadese"

A 100% natural product, non-toxic, for removing molds and preventing the growth of new molds. Fit for both wood and walls. Used on wood stave off the attack of woodworms and other xylophagous species. Certified product. It is the real answer against mold of walls and wood at no cost to health. It prevents mold formation also in difficult indoor situations, such as thermal bridges in exposed walls or high ambient humidity. The active salts contained in the formulation have a concentration of more than 16%, ensuring maximum effectiveness in all climatic conditions; on the contrary, the usual boron salt solutions do not exceed a concentration of 3% of the whole substance. It does not contain substances harmful to the health of humans and pets. Yield: 20 sqm/l; Dilution: 1:1 water.

Discover "Soluzione Canadese Silver"

Natural anti-mold solution. It eliminates the mold and prevents its comeback. The addition of silver salts makes it suitable for complete bacterial prevention. Suitable solution for absorbent substrates; you can use it on wood and masonry. Odorless. It prevents the attack of xylophagous insects. Yield: 20 sqm/lDilution: You can use pure or diluted with water 1:1. Exsiccation: Dries in about 1/2 h

Discover Durga!

Preparation of wood bases, impregnating, natural paints, hard oils and finishes, waxes, glazes, special products. In outdoor products, we use zinc-based binders to provide optimal protection against weathering and blue mold. Our curative products for woodworm (Matador) and tannins (Fondo lacca and Tannino stop) are now validated by years of testing, carried out on the building sites that have proven its effectiveness. Paints for indoors and outdoors, breathable, and super perspirants, manufactured using plant binders: a definitive and natural solution against molds. The tintometric system includes 22 basic colours. Two advantages in one gesture: with Durga products it is easy to render the brickwork oil-hydro-repellent, providing at the same time a fine appearance to the surfaces, without the problems related to rising damp on the pavements. In fact, our products are highly breathable to water vapor and soluble salts: therefore, we won’t have any detachments or bleaching! Studies conducted by government agencies and research institutes show that domestic pollution (indoors) far exceeds what we have outdoor: no less than 85% of the air pollution in our planet is located inside homes, schools, offices...

Discover more about testing the "Soluzione Canadese"

We have entrusted for the tests on our products a prestigious laboratory which offers the best guarantees to our Customers: CSI Milan carries out endurance tests using the most internationally accredited standard , the ASTM (American society for testing materials international) G 21- 96.

The test was carried out using the following fungal strains:

  • Aspergillus niger
  • Chaetomiu m globosum
  • Penicillium funiculosus
  • Paecilomyces variotii
  • Gliocadium virens
  • ATCC 9642
  • ATCC 16021
  • ATCC 9644
  • ATCC 16023
  • ATCC 10043

Incubation of specimens, inoculated and not, as well as controls, was extended up to 28 days (standard incubation time) at a temperature of 28.5 ± 0.5 ° C, under the conditions prescribed by the method, with periodic checks for any proliferation.

Test Growth Sample Scale

Sample Growth / Score
  • None / 0
  • Growth Tracks / 1
  • < li> Slight growth / 2
  • Average growth / 3
  • Growth c non-existent / 4

Champion result of Test Growth (***)

Sample growth:

  • Score: 0
  • Growth: none
  • (***) Specimens made with a coat of paint Bright impregnated with Canadian Solution diluted 1: 1 with demineralized water.
  • These results guarantee that:
  • The bio-sustainable production with vegetable raw materials it is possible.
  • Durga products offer science-proof performance levels.
  • Durga products therefore have a double advantage:
  • - they are completely natural and free of dangerous substances for humans, pets and the environment
  • - they are more effective in 'normal' synthetic products because they last over time!
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