Stop to mold naturally

If mold growth is visible in your home, you need to run for cover: any type of mold - "white", "green" or "black" - produces spores or gases harmful to the health of both people and pets .

Stop the mold naturally

The old approach

The common mold removal products contain biocides , in fact poisons, which in many cases are made up of organic synthetic substances, more or less volatile, and chlorine: given this composition, they disappear from the substrate and therefore have the disadvantage of having to be renewed periodically.

They do not therefore constitute a definitive solution and therefore optimal.

Natural and lasting solution: stop molds with Durga

With a Durga natural product you get a result definitive, the cu The effectiveness is guaranteed by the certification tests.

Durga natural anti-mold: tests and certifications

The combined use of the Canadian solution and Bright paint obtains reliable results in the fight against wall molds .

We have entrusted the test tests on our products to a prestigious laboratory to offer the best guarantees to our Customers: CSI of Milan carries out endurance tests using the most internationally accredited standard , the ASTM (American society for testing materials international) G 21- 96.

The test was carried out using the following fungal strains:

  • Aspergillus niger
  • Chaetomiu m globosum
  • Penicillium funiculosus
  • Paecilomyces variotii
  • Gliocadium virens
  • ATCC 9642
  • ATCC 16021
  • ATCC 9644
  • ATCC 16023
  • ATCC 10043

Incubation of specimens, inoculated and not, as well as controls, was extended up to 28 days (standard incubation time) at a temperature of 28.5 ± 0.5 ° C, under the conditions prescribed by the method, with periodic checks for any proliferation.

Test Growth Sample Scale

Sample Growth / Score
  • None / 0
  • Growth Tracks / 1
  • < li> Slight growth / 2
  • Average growth / 3
  • Growth c non-existent / 4

Champion result of Test Growth (***)

Sample growth:

  • Score: 0
  • Growth: none
  • (***) Specimens made with a coat of paint Bright impregnated with Canadian Solution diluted 1: 1 with demineralized water.

    These results guarantee that:

    • The bio-sustainable production with vegetable raw materials it is possible.
    • Durga products offer science-proof performance levels.
    • Durga products therefore have a double advantage:
      - they are completely natural and free of dangerous substances for humans, pets and the environment
      - they are more effective in 'normal' synthetic products because they last over time!

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