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Excessive use of aggressive chemicals leads to undesirable effects, such as dermatitis, dryness and reduction of the natural protection of the skin.

Furthermore, disperse in the environment, and therefore, breathing, chemical disinfectants involve well-known problems of pollution, chemical sensitivity and allergies.

The essential oils and other natural biocides can effectively replace those conventional, with the advantage of improving the livability of the environment around us.

Essential oils, of course, in addition to sanitizing, offer other beneficial effects.

Breathing the essential oil of Tea Tree (Tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia ) helps fight many flu viruses, as many scientific studies show. Furthermore, compared to the sanitizing function, essential oils remain on the surfaces to be sanitized much longer than ethyl alcohol which is highly volatile.

But let's see in detail the Durga natural sanitizers available on our store.

Durga natural sanitizers: the products

hand gel - antibacterial hand sanitizer

Buy - Thanks to the combined action of essential oils and ionic silver, it ensures a sanitizing action on the skin in gentle and safe way. Practical in any situation where it is necessary to sanitize hands outside the home, when it is not possible to wash your hands, even in the professional sector. Packs of 100 and 500 milliliters.

SOS home sanitizing: antibacterial sanitizing all surfaces

Buy - Cleans and sanitizes bacteria on all surfaces . Thanks to the combined action of essential oils and alcohol, it cleans and removes bacteria and microorganisms in an easy and natural way from tables, worktops, handles, glass, tiles, steel, computers, monitors. Ideal for sanitizing bathrooms. Also for professional use.

This product does not pollute the indoor environment: it has an antioxidant and balancing action on the air. 500 ml pack with nebulizer.

Fabric sanitizer: Anti-bacterial anti-odor sanitizer

Buy - Effectively eliminates bacteria and bad smells from clothing, curtains and fabrics in general; cleans and sanitizes in depth, thanks to the high concentration of pure essential oils and mineral salts, without leaving residues. To be used as a prewash. 500 ml and 2.5 liter packs.

Sanitizing hand soap: Tea Tree and Silver Ions hand sanitizer

Buy - Sanitizing liquid hand soap; the combined action of tea tree oil and silver ions cleanses and sanitises the hands with effective delicacy.
Hypoallergenic. 500 milliliter pack.

Covid-19 current info and provisions

Let's start by answering a question we have been asked many times regarding the need for certified products: it is important to clarify an important point, there are NO current regulations for the sanitation of environments by Sars-cov-2, and therefore products certified in this sense (also because there is no specific certification procedure for a particular virus).

Instead, products with these characteristics are required: products with 70-62% alcohol or 0.1% active chlorine.

Biocides suitable for surface sanitation

The tests carried out to date on the disinfection of surfaces by the sars-cov-2 virus are few and not exhaustive. The virus abatement tests have not been carried out on this virus but on other similar ones.

The basic study referred to by the WHO and the Italian government for the indications on sanitation ends as follows:

Human coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces for up to 9 days. Disinfection of surfaces with 0.1% hypochlorite or 62 and 71% ethanol significantly reduces the infectivity of the corona virus on surfaces within 1 minute of exposure. We expect a similar effect against SARS-Cov-2.

Journal of hospital infection. Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents. G. Kampf et. Others - 6-2-2020

As is clearly expressed in the conclusions: We expect a similar effect against SARS-Cov-2 , no studies have been performed directly on SARS-Cov-2.

We say this because newspapers, politicians and often technicians, contribute to creating a false imagination. The researchers do their best with their work and it must be recognized, the media information instead tends to create a distorted image of things.

Ethyl alcohol

It must be used in large concentrations (at least 70%) to have any efficacy and this entails problems that have now gone into second order but which cannot be overlooked, which are: Eczema and skin irritation (when we speak e.g. of the hand gel) since frequent use involves dryness of the skin and reduction of the skin's natural defenses.

The effect of denaturants and of various substances that are often found in the industrial alcohol (for example acetone and methyl alcohol) which are not only harmful to the skin but also dangerous if inhaled.

Another consideration on alcohol is due to the fact that currently is not recognized within the European economic community as a biocide (see ECHA and BPR list). Therefore alcohol-based products could not be sold as disinfectants, biocides and even less can they be certified by Community bodies.

Beyond this we must know that the tests on the various biocides conducted evaluate the viral reduction in laboratory tests after 30 or 60 seconds of exposure to the biocidal product. The question that arises is this: in normal environmental conditions, when we apply the product on a surface at a temperature of say 25 ° C (spring), how long does an extremely volatile agent such as ethyl alcohol persist?

In reality, its concentration decreases by 60% in the first 10 seconds, so it does not have time to act effectively.

Active chlorine

Generated from salts such as sodium hypochlorite, we see that tests on viruses and bacteria indicate good efficacy at low concentrations (0.05%). The rules of the current Presidential Decree they ask for a 0.1% concentration of active Chlorine; we consider it the lesser evil.

Essential Oils

Although not covered in the dpcm related to coronavirus sanitation like many others biocides, we must keep in mind some significant advantages: essential oils including Tea Tree oil, peppermint and lavender (just to mention the most significant) have been shown to be active against microorganisms resistant to normal antibiotics, have an antiviral effect on many viruses, even flu-like. They have a low volatility so they remain on the treated surfaces much longer than ethyl alcohol. They also have an extremely positive effect if inhaled or used for topical use in the right proportions.

The above data are simplified, the complete article can be downloaded HERE .


Excessive use of sanitizers can lead to undesirable effects such as allergies, eczema, damage to the respiratory tract.

With Durga natural sanitizers we try to improve the quality of life by using as much natural biocides as possible, including essential oils.

essential oils not only have a powerful antibacterial and antifungal effect, and effectively fight many viruses, exhibiting a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. They are antioxidants and have a therapeutic effect on the nervous system (aromatherapy).