Natural paints of Durga: science, research, passion

Years of research are needed to create a truly and completely natural product, especially when this product must guarantee absolute quality that must match and exceed the analogous products of the petrochemical industry.

Scientific research foundation of natural paints

We have found that it is very important to use completely natural and cobalt-free driers, and laboratory research has allowed us to produce natural manganese and zinc based driers , precisely completely free of cobalt and other heavy metals as well as mineral spirits and components of petrochemical origin.

Durga has faced and solved every production problem and has thus passed autonomously to the production of natural based driers of manganese and zinc , which also represent a technically improved choice compared to cobalt and zirconium which are particularly suitable for drying use with synthetic resins, but not with linseed oil.

The "ingredients" of Durga natural paints

The components of Durga natural siccatives are:

    < li> metallic soap (Mn or Zn) of pine resin (ManganeseAbetate and ZincAbetate)
  • dissolved in linseed oil and turpentine of pure gem .

Pure water!

Another area of ​​research was the treatment of water used in the formulations of natural paints and varnishes. < / p>

Again nature can replace industrial synthesis . In fact, well-purified water eliminates the need for preservatives such as hypochlorite, formaldehyde or ammonia.

To offer a further guarantee we have adopted the sanitization of the containers with self-produced silver by electrochemical way and stabilized with plant extracts of local medicinal plants (thyme, oregano, horsetail).

Not only that: Durga has put on the market new UV filters and has improved resistance against bluing molds ... and all this without the use of harmful organic biocides!

Silver in very low concentrations, together with zinc salts incorporated in the protective film of the products outdoor wood coatings, allows to reduce the risk of blue mold formation in outdoor environments rich in vegetation and humidity which pose a threat to wood.

In addition, zinc is an excellent UV filter which guarantees greater durability of the protective films.

If with boron salts we protect the structural timber from fungal degradation and xylophagous insects (with the product Canadian solution ), with these further innovations we also protect even more the aesthetic aspect of the finishes of the wood without having to use biocides that are dangerous for humans and the environment, and often characterized by a limited duration of protection.

How to say: when we say that our paints are natural we have good reasons not to fear to be proven wrong!