Due to the planetary spread of an aggressive virus that made the adoption of extreme containment measures necessary, Durga has decided to make its small contribution using its own know-how.

Our strategy is part of a broader conversation, which recognizes an alteration of the ecological balance.

In these dark times, the need to make adequate disinfection of the surfaces, as well as to assure us all an effective hygiene, can make us run into another risk, as pointed out by the Poison Control Center of Niguarda Hospital about chemical poisoning; in a few days, the intoxication from disinfectants increased by 65%, reaching 137% among children.

Acknowledging the many phone calls from our customers asking for sanitizing products for the skin and surfaces as well, we decided to speed up the development of some specific products based on the use of essential oils. In particular, Tea tree oil, which has shown significant efficacy as an antibacterial, fungicide and antifungal, in numerous studies it has also highlighted its antiviral action in some specific cases.