Green building certifications of eco-sustainable products

Transparent labels for Durga products

The real results achieved are confirmed by the many construction sites that use Durga products; moreover, the products are tested and verified by third parties.

Durga makes use of C.S.I. (CSI. Certification and testing Spa www.csi-spa. com ) for mold, bacterial resistance and fire reaction tests.


We report below the certification of fire resistance tests and that of action against molds which represent two essential goals: today Durga is the only natural products company that can boast of such important technical results.

Flame retardant property

Fire reaction certification Canadian solution: test result .

Anti-mold properties

Anti-mold certification Canadian solution: test result .

Quality control

Each production batch is rigorously checked before being made available, moreover the samples of the various batches are kept 36 months for due checks and to check and improve standards if necessary of product conservation.

Transparency on the label

Bioediliziaitalia: Durga declares the composition of the individual products transparently on the label and in the technical documentation.

A clear taking responsibility towards all consumers, the component declaration is also controlled by Bioedilizia Italia (www.bioediliziaitalia .org) who wants to develop a third type certification system.