Against mold naturally

Test and certification

Use of the Canadian solution combined with paint Luminosa achieves reliable results in fighting wall mold. We decided that for better support to our customers it was necessary to have test tests carried out by one of the most accredited Italian laboratories. So we entrusted the C.S.I. of Milan the task of performing endurance tests using the most internationally accredited standard, that is the norm ASTM (American society for testing materials international) G 21- 96.

Here are some steps of the certification. The test was carried out in compliance with the aforementioned standard, using the following fungal strains:
- Aspergillus niger
- Chaetomium globosum
- Penicillium funiculosus
- Paecilomyces variotii
- Gliocadium virens
- ATCC 9642 < br> - ATCC 16021
- ATCC 9644
- ATCC 16023
- ATCC 10043

The mixed suspension of spores has proven to be perfectly capable of giving rise to copious growth, under the conditions imposed by the method. Two sets of three specimens were tested of the sample delivered to us; one for the front and the other for the reverse; in the same way, two sets of three specimens were prepared, one for the recto and the other for the reverse, not inoculated with the suspension of spores, on which to possibly evaluate the possibility of growth and / or attack by jambs fungi already present on the materials. The incubation of the specimens, inoculated and non-inoculated, as well as the controls, was continued up to 28 days (standard incubation time) at a temperature of 28.5 ± 0.5 ° C, under the conditions prescribed by the method, with periodic checks for any proliferation.

< th scope = "col"> Score < / tr>
Growth of the samples
None 0
Growth tracks 1
Slight growth 2
average growth 3
consistent growth 4


Growth of the samples Score
Specimens made with a coat of paint Luminosa impregnated with Canadian solution diluted 1: 1 with demineralized water 0

Anti-mold certification Canadian Solution


These results would already be a success for "normal" products, that is, containing biocides and various substances harmful to human health and the environment. For products that are completely natural and free of dangerous substances for humans, they have a double meaning:
- bio-sustainable production with vegetable raw materials is possible,
- Durga products offer levels of science-proof performance.

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