Produce and live in harmony with nature

Natural choices

Illness is an alteration of the individual ecosystem, the individual lives in the environment, the environment is the result of natural processes and human processes.
We have no choice: each of us keeps the environment in which we live healthy. The producer chooses not to pollute, the consumer chooses what is not harmful to health and rewards the virtuous behavior of the producers.
If we exclude some personal habits, such as smoking or alcoholism causes direct diseases, health depends in an important way on the interaction between our organism and the environment in which we live. So we choose where we can choose, for example we choose what the four home walls contain. Why use products that are the result of a chemistry at the service of the market and not for man? why use products that are the result of an ecological choice of façade that continues to use harmful synthetic raw materials secretly ?
Our homes must welcome the daily sustainable, we must choose the environmentally friendly non-harmful every day. Practical example: the domestic use of cleaning products, and in general the use of solvents derived from the petrochemical industry, increases the risk of childhood asthma. In the domestic environment, each increase of 10 units in the concentration of toluene and benzene corresponds to an increase in the risk of asthma equal to respectively double and triple (Thorax, An International Journal of Respiratory Medicine, September 2004, Vol . 59 n ° 9).
The onset of diseases such as asthma certainly depends not on a single cause but on a set of causes, nor can a complex interaction between congenital and environmental factors, but there is no doubt that the home environment requires special attention. Our health also depends on the ecosystem created inside the home. Why not reduce the risks where it is possible to intervene successfully?

It is legitimate to ask how it is possible to produce in harmony with nature. The choices to be made are many, indeed, often they seem to never end.
A company that produces in an ecologically correct way, if it wants to achieve and maintain an important presence on the market, must develop products of a quality that not only matches that achieved by classic manufacturers, but exceeds this quality to overcome the widespread mistrust towards the results of ecological or pseudo-ecological products. Follow the laws of nature and those of the market.
Traditionally the raw materials of Durga products have always been prepared in the same laboratories as the manufacturer. The cooking of the drying oils such as the hardening of the vegetable resins are still carried out by hand, before proceeding with the mixing of the ingredients for the creation of the paints and colors. Processing the raw materials directly allows extraordinary solutions in terms of bio-sustainability. For example most of the additives, such as pigment dispersants, soaps, antifoams, thickeners, etc. they are self-produced from vegetable resins, oils and essences.
This in the narrow terms of a cost / profit evaluation could be defined as an expensive waste of time, but it is the only way to go to the introduction on the market of completely natural products.