Durga colors

Natural paint and plaster by Durga!

Rustic Intorull, Intorull, Luminosa, Splendida 100, Splendida 101, Breathable Primavera Biopaint, Venetian plaster.

The colors Pompei by Durga are made of natural elements of ferric oxides.

They don't contain coatings based on dangerous metals such as nickel. They are free from Cobalt, Phthalates and from organic reinforcers. They are stable colors over time and offer vivid shades.

14 liter tin of paint:

  • COLOR 1: one of 250 gr per can
  • COLOR 2: two packs of 250 gr per can
  • COLOR 4: one pack of 1 kg per tin
  • COLOR 8: two packs of 1 kg per tin

For 7-liter cans, halve the doses of Pompei color

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