Varnish Base (Fondolacca Imbianchito)

Varnish Base (Fondolacca Imbianchito)

Filler for Furnitures. Wooden window frames. Makes the finish particularly full and velvety.

Sealer base, blocks tannins and prepares the wood for subsequent treatment with colored impregnating agents and finishes which accelerate drying, give thickness and a homogeneous glaze.

Also suitable for preparation for subsequent treatment with Enamel 325.

  • Mix thoroughly.
  • Spread the product in a thin layer using a brush, with a gun, dipping.
  • < span> Once the product has dried, proceed with fine sanding (220 or higher).


  • Output: 10-12 m2 / l depending on the substrate.
  • Dilution: With water.

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