Luminosa Paint


High quality super breathable paint based on vegetal oils

Breathable water-based paint for interiors. 100% natural non-toxic. High breathability. Ideal on dehumidifying plaster. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom. White, neutral base. Can be colored with the "Pasta Pompei". Add Canadian Solution (Soluzione Canadese) to make mold-proof paint.
Breathable interior wall paint. Also suitable on old well-cohesive paint. COLORS: Can be colored with "Pasta Pompei" by Durga.

Super-breathable high coverage wall paint. It guarantees exceptional adhesion and elasticity. Up to 10 times more breathable than a conventional breathable paint; Mu> 11 - sd = 0.003 m.

Excellent coverage, easy to spread. VOC - limit value 2010 40gr / lt, value present in formulation 0 gr / lt. Low-odor paint, you can smoke it using Durga aromatherapeutic essential oils.

Short fiber roller, flat brush. Preparation: Vegetable binder n.26 in case of chalking or excessively absorbent substrates.

  • Output: 10-12 mq/lt.
  • Dilution: Ready to use.

(Cod.: 275)

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