Matador - anti-woodworm

Matador - anti-woodworm

Eliminates xylophagous insects from wood, preventing future attacks. Makes impregnated wood inedible from insects and mold. Natural woodworm

Natural solution based on citrus oil and potassium salts. Effective against xylophagous insects and larvae thanks to the action of citrus essential oil and its vapors.

The salts contained crystallize and diffuse in the wood fiber, exhibiting a prolonged action in the time. It does not contain biocides and substances classified as dangerous by EEC regulations. Packaging 1lt / 5lt / 20lt.

Syringe the product in the holes made by woodworms. In the unpainted parts, apply the product abundantly to make it penetrate the wood. Make a closed chamber with nylon and wait 12 hours.

  • Output: 8-12mq / lt.
  • Dilution: Ready.

(Cod .: ma)

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