Olio Protettivo - Protective oil n ° 18

Olio Protettivo - Protective oil n 18

Satin hard oil for restoration

Satin hard oil with slightly amber patina. Resistant to wear and stains. Suitable for the treatment of wood and metal in exteriors and interiors.

While allowing the transpiration of the wood, it has excellent impermeability to liquids and ease of maintenance. Resistant to scratching, stains and atmospheric agents. Fine satin finish.

Mix the product before use, spread it carefully with a brush, avoiding the formation of accumulation areas. After about 15 minutes, proceed with an absorbent cloth to remove the excess product.

Olio Protettivo - Protective oil n 18 can be applied directly onto the parquet with a single brush, having take care to let it act on the surface a few minutes, before brushing it.

  • Output: 25-35 m2 / l
  • Dilution: Ready to use.

(Cod .: 18)

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