OlioCera Bianco - impregnating agent, white

OlioCera Bianco - impregnating agent, white

< strong> Wax Effect Impregnating Agent

Impregnating agent for wood with wax finish, With boron salts. Excellent for interior fixtures, floors, vertical paneling.

Impregnating and finishing with a single product, based on beeswax and tung oil Colored with earth and oxides free of heavy metals. Characterized by a waxy finish and a particularly homogeneous and velvety veil.

  • White.

Apply two coats: apply a first coat, going over any shiny areas with a dry brush.

After about 6 / 8 hours the second coat can be applied in a thin layer. For a semi-gloss effect, after about two hours, wipe with a dry cotton cloth.

  • Output: 15 m2 / l
  • Dilution: Ready to use, if necessary with water.

(cod .: 598-b)

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