Pasta di Cera 7 - Wax paste nr 7

Pasta di Cera 7 - Wax paste nr 7

Natural wax in paste for finishing and maintenance of wooden surfaces for the maintenance and treatment of furniture and wooden floors.

Beeswax virgin and carnauba vegetable wax in citrus oil. Without paraffin and dangerous solvents. Packaging 105ml - 750ml.

It is simply applied with a cotton cloth, spreading a thin and homogeneous paste film. After about 5 minutes, proceed with a dry cloth, until it disappears shortly, the sense of wet to the touch.

Given the remarkable hardness, conferred by carnauba wax, it is important apply extremely thin layers for maximum results.

If the dough appears too hard, use a cloth soaked in Citrus Balm n.43, to pick up and spread the product.

If necessary, brush rough surfaces, treated (e.g. unpolished terracotta) with a single brush, or broom brush.

Output: 70 to 90 m2 / lt based on surface absorption.

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