Strong Soap

Strong Soap

< strong> Removes mold, wax remover. USED PURE - wax remover for terracotta and wood, removes mold and traces of rubber from the wood, ideal for final cleaning and removal of colors, oils, natural resins and residues from brushes and rollers.

Removes encrusted greases from metal surfaces (also ovens and kitchens). USED ​​DILUTED - half a glass in a bucket of water for thorough cleaning of floors and hard surfaces. Without rinsing.

This soap is a derivative of linseed oil and has strongly degreasing characteristics, it removes dried oils, natural waxes, black molds from the wood.

Fully biodegradable.


Spread the pure product and wait 10-20 minutes. Then remove with plenty of water. A preliminary cleaning test on painted surfaces is recommended.

Dilution: pure or diluted (half a glass of water in a bucket of water).

< p> (Cod .: 1100)

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