Silk (Seta)

Silk (Seta)

Semi-washable with high coverage. Semi-washable water paint for interiors 100% natural, non-toxic. High breathability. Soft effect. Applicable on dehumidifying plasters.

White base. Can be colored with Pasta Pompei. Add Canadian Solution (Soluzione Canadese) to make mold-proof paint. Semi-washable paint for interiors, for walls also already treated. Elastic and breathable. It is colored with "Pasta Pompei" Durga.

Semi-washable paint with high coverage, particularly smooth finish. Excellent applicability. It is colored with Pasta Pompei.

Cov= 0 gr/l µ=12 - SD=0,0032 (120 Micron).

Odorless paint, you can add Durga essential oils for aromatherapy. Roller, brush. Substrate preparation: "Vegetable binder n.26" on weak, poorly cohesive or highly absorbent substrates.

  • Output: 12 m2 / l
  • Dilution: Ready to use.
  • Drying: Surface dry 30 min., Deep 24 h

(Cod.: 375)

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