Radiator Enamel

Radiator enamel

Finish covering for radiators. Color: White .

Enamel , with high coverage, based on standoli-Durga of Tung oil, Safflower and sunflower.

  • Adheres perfectly over time.
  • Brush.
  • Output: 22 m2 / lt.

(Cod .: 36) < / p>

Grigio antracite D065
Avorio D039
Bianco T9003
Blu oltremare D078
Grigio perla D064
Giallo 4 D076
Lapislazzulo D073
Rosso toscano D079
Nero antracite D081
Verde mela D074
Viola D060
Rosso D090
Giallo limone D082
Verde persiana D090
Rovere scuro D083
Acquamarina D0333
Pastell Green
Pastell yellow
Pastell brown
Pastel Pink

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