Canadian Solution (Soluzione Canadese)

Canadian Solution (Soluzione Canadese)

< strong> Natural solution against mold. Prevents mold and xylophagous insects. Flame retardant for wood and cellulose.

The ideal solution against mold on walls and on wood.

Prevents the formation of mold even in difficult indoor situations such as thermal bridges in exposed walls, high environmental humidity.

The active salts contained in the formulation are characterized by high concentration (> 16%) even in cold season , ensuring maximum effectiveness in all conditions; in fact, normal solutions of boron salts do not exceed a concentration of 3% of active boron.

  • It does not contain biocides and substances from the RICH SVHC lists.
  • It does not contain endocrine disruptors. VOC = 0! Packaging 1lt - 5lt - 20lt.

It is applied on the wall by roller, brush or even spray, making the solution well absorbed then it is painted with breathable paint "Luminosa "and mold will never come back! For the treatment of wood, impregnate abundantly and leave to dry. The wood must not have previous painting. It can be applied by brush or spray.

  • Output: 20 m2 / l.
  • < span> Dilution: 1: 1 water.

(Cod .: sac)

The Canadian Solution (Soluzione Canadese) is certified Zero mold Regrowth.

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