Sos home sanitizing

Cleans and sanitizes bacteria on all surfaces
Thanks to the combined action of essential oils and alcohol you can cleanse and remove bacteria from: tables, worktops, handles, glass, tiles , steel in an easy and natural way.
Ideal for sanitizing bathrooms: even for professional use.
SOS-CASA sanitizes and easily removes limescale from the bathroom from the kitchen and all taps. You can use SOS-CASA on computers and monitors.
This product does not pollute the indoor environment but has an antioxidant and balancing action in the air.
How to use it: dispense a small quantity of product onto the surface to be cleaned and then act with a clean cloth. On computer keyboards and screens it is recommended to moisten a suitable cloth with SOS-CASA and then proceed with the cloth moistened for cleaning.

Great for removing limestone.

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