Splendida Esterni - Outdoor Paint

Splendida Esterni (exterior paint)

Natural exterior paint. 100% natural non-toxic washable water-based paint for exteriors. High breathability.

Very high abrasion resistance. Applicable on dehumidifying plasters. White base. It is colored with Pompeii pastes. Can be added with Canadian solution to make it anti-mold paint.

Exterior wall paint. COLORS: can be colored with Durga "Pasta Pompei".

Exterior wall paint, breathable based on Tung oil and protective minerals from U.V. and weather.

Excellent breathability and coverage.

Suitable for all types of plasters, new and concrete surfaces.

Easy application with both short fiber roller and brush. µ = 19 - SD = 0.0049 (120 Micron) Cov = 0 gr / l Odorless paint, you can perfume it with Durga aromatherapy essential oils.

Roller, brush, gun. Substrate preparation: "Insulating primer n.261"

  • Output: 12 mq/lt.
  • Dilution: 0-5% depending on the need for the primer.

(Cod.: 101)

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