Vernice Cotta (baked paint)

Vernice Cotta (baked paint)

< strong> External / Internal satin finish. Extremely resistant transparent finish, for indoor and outdoor treatment of all wooden surfaces. Ideal for wooden restoration.

Product of high resistance and elasticity. Based on the artisan cooking of vegetable oils of flax and Tung in blends of fine vegetable resins. It protects and waterproofs the surface of the wood, while still allowing good perspiration.

Mix the product before use. If necessary, dilute with about 5-10% of citrus balm n.43.

Spread well avoiding the formation of accumulation areas. The baked paint n.351 does not drip and is applied with a brush with extreme ease, even on irregular vertical parts. It can be applied well, even by spraying, being careful not to go over frequently on the same points. (use thin nozzles 1-1.2 and low pressure).

In the event of excess product, it is advisable to pass within 10-15 minutes. From application a dry cotton cloth to remove excess.

  • Output: 16-18 m2 / l. < / li>
  • Dilution: Citrus balm n.43.

(Cod .: 351)

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